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The order Picornavirales (Le Gall et al., 2008; Sanfaçon et al., 2011) consists of the families Picornaviridae, Dicistroviridae, Iflaviridae, Marnaviridae and Secoviridae and two unassigned genera, Bacillarnavirus and Labyrnavirus.


  Canine picodicistrovirus
  A novel small RNA virus has recently been found in dogs (Woo et al., 2012). The genome sequence appears to be most closely related to the picornaviruses and to have a similar genome organization, except that the P1 and P2/P3 regions are encoded in two ORFs separated by an intergenic region containing an IRES. It now been classified as a new picornavirus species, Cadicivirus A in a novel genus, Dicipivirus (Adams et al., 2013).


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